Powys – Dyfi Valley

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MABIS recently completed an independent evaluation on this project on behalf of the UK Community Sport Initiative and BLF. Please see copy of the case study report above.

The Bro Ddyfi Mentro Allan programme will engage individuals in the Dyfi Valley community to increase levels of their physical activity, using a variety of settings in the outdoor natural environment. Our main target group is the broad population who experience rural isolation and who live sedentary lives. We are particularly concerned with individuals suffering from loneliness and social exclusion as a result of poor access to services and a dispersed population pattern, though activities will be open to all residents.

Our next target groups are: parents of young children, especially young parents; 11-18 years, especially those at risk of social exclusion; people with mental health issues, especially those not in regular contact with support groups and services. We will target residents of the Machynlleth, Cadfarch, Glantwymyn and Llanbrynmair areas, but residents from other parts of the valley will be welcome to join in.

Project activities
Activities are likely to include walking and woodland activities, treasure hunts, cycling, survival skills, rock climbing, watersports and orienteering. We expect outings on the train for beach activities at Aberdyfi or Borth to be popular and other activities proposed include gardening, archery and nature conservation.