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This is the final quarterly report, and as such many of the tables show a summary of activity over the whole five years of Mentro Allan. Mentro Allan was part of the UK Community Sport Initiative. This report is provided in response to the key performance indicators set up for the initiative to compare projects across the UK. Mentro Allan was quite distinct in it’s approach and is therefore not directly comparable with the other projects.

CCRI/Bath report

Mentro Allan/Venture Out: Lived Experiences of Physical Activity in Outdoor Environments University of Bath & Countryside & Community Research Institute

Final Report to Sport Wales July 2011

Project Reports

The main findings from the quantitative data are:

  • Mentro Allan has, since July 2006, had contact with 9,739 individuals.
  • Projects targeted people in the demographic communities they were intending to reach, though it was often ‘messy’ or ‘fuzzy at the edges’ with a proportion of people attending being friends or family of the individuals who met the target criteria.
  • Projects were successful in targeting sedentary people, though here again, there were people who met the government’s yardstick of 5×30 for adults or 5×60 for young people.
  • Those who were relatively inactive, reporting an initial activity level of fewer than three days with more than 30 minutes of moderate of vigorous physical activity, were likely to increase their physical activity after 6-12 months contact with Mentro Allan. Of those who filled in a third PAL form, 41 percent had increased their physical activity to three or more days of 30 minutes moderate or vigorous physical activity a week.
  • Those who were in contact with the projects after 6 months showed an increase in their use of the outdoors for their physical activity.
  • Staff and volunteers undertook a wide range of training, with at least 204 people receiving training. The most common courses were for walking, fitness and first aid.
  • Projects used a wide variety of activities to engage with people. Projects were people led in their choice of activities, so the attendance profile at activities shows the positive choices of the participants. However, there were geographical and capacity/experience limitations for some activities, so some projects did not provide some activities at all.