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Volunteering Briefing Paper
Information for this briefing paper comes specifically from case studies of volunteers which have been provided by the projects (Volunteer Case Studies, VCS, Appendix B), from comments in evaluation seminars, reflective diary entries kept by project coordinators and examples provided in other Mentro Allan case studies and briefing papers.

Outdoor Physical Activity for People with Mental Health Problems
Briefing Paper Introduction
In order to communicate the learning arising from the Mentro Allan project, papers have been written to suit different audiences. Study papers have been prepared specifically for researchers reviewing findings across a number of themes, whereas briefing papers are aimed at local or national project/service managers and policy makers. Each briefing paper covers a different topic although there are many aspects that inter-relate. Finally, practitioner guides are being written for those working in the field, directly delivering projects or activities, and case studies are being prepared to bring to life some of the lessons learnt showing what has been successful, what has been tried, and how some of the challenges have been overcome.